TeamsWork (Module 1)

  • Course Duration1 day
  • Number of delagatesMaximum of 12
  • PriceIN HOUSE TRAINING - £870* + VAT for up to 12 delegates

How will this course help you?

We have been familiar with the concept of Teams in sport since the year dot, and the term has increasingly spread into what you might call "management speak" in the last 2 or 3 decades. This is no accident. There are many parallels between success in sport and success at work, and as our working environment becomes ever more complex and demanding, team working becomes an unavoidable necessity. Unlike the sporting context, however, the rules of the game are rarely clear cut, and the goalposts really do move.

Our "TeamsWork" modules are designed to help you and your colleagues explore how the team currently works together, and elements that make good group dynamics for a successful outcome. It explores individual personality traits, giving delegates not only a better understanding of how they themselves behave, but also a better understanding of how they might be perceived by their colleagues. Through these findings, we explore how group members can get the best from one another and how to utilise individual strengths to become one effective close-knit team.

By the end of the workshop, you will:

  • Have identified the key barriers to team working, and, through group activities, explored ways in which these can be overcome.
  • Have seen how the use of individual psychological profiling helps us to evaluate the broad dynamics of the team.
  • Know how to approach the preparation of a plan for improved team working.

It's not what we do; it’s the way that we do it...

As with all of our courses, our mission to provide "entertaining training" will drive this interactive event. However, just as importantly, the workshop structure will always be logical, easy to follow and broken down into bite-size pieces.

You will get 2 trainers at the event, to provide a high trainer-to-delegate ratio and ensure that the course keeps a good pace.

Course Structure

What makes a good team?

  • Introduction to the day
  • Activity 1 - Working as a team to achieve the desired results
  • The relevance of team working in a non-sport environment
  • Activity 2 - exploring the importance of good communication in a group
  • Individual psychological profiling – questionnaire to be completed by delegates for use in subsequent discussions later in the day.
  • Activity 3 – exploring effective team structures, and what makes them so.

Working to create YOUR successful team

  • A detailed look at group dynamics using the psychological profiling analyses
  • Activity 4 – Theory into Practise - Putting our findings from the day to the test!
  • Next steps – Identifying actions for improvement into the future
  • Recap and review of the day

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