Speak with Confidence - And Get Results!

  • Course Duration1 day
  • Number of delagates10 maximum
  • Price IN-HOUSE TRAINING - £890 + VAT for up to 10 delegates.

Who would benefit from this course?

If you are relatively inexperienced at speaking in public, the thought of actually presenting to an audience may well scare the bejeebers out of you! By the end of this workshop you should actually relish the prospect rather than dread it! Throughout the day, we will improve your self confidence by teaching you the skills to prepare successful presentations. You will learn how to control your nerves and how to sway your audience through effective communication "on stage".

We guarantee you will have fun, surprise yourself and leave the session with some invaluable skills that could ultimately enhance your career prospects.

By the end of the course, you will:

  • Be more accomplished at controlling your nerves
  • Understand how to lead your audience successfully
  • Know how to make the best use of your material
  • Take due care when you are not the only speaker
  • Appreciate how to use visual aids for best effect
  • See how the venue can affect your performance
  • Value good body language and voice control
  • Know how to deal with questions professionally

It's not what we do; it's the way that we do it...

As with all our courses, our mission to provide "entertaining training" will drive this interactive event. However, just as importantly, the workshop structure will always be logical, easy to follow and broken down into bite-size objectives.

Course Structure:

Auditioning for the starring role

  • Let us introduce ourselves...
  • "In at the Deep End" - how NOT to do it
  • Back to Basics

Coping with stage fright

  • Rational versus irrational fears
  • How do you view your audience? How do they view you?
  • The 3 "P's" - Preparation, Practice and Perspective
  • Oozing confidence...

Learning the ropes - first steps

  • Knowing your audience
  • Clarifying purpose and motivation
  • Structuring your presentation - stage 1

Preparing for the Opening Night

  • Structuring your presentation - stage 2
  • Visual aids and barriers to effectiveness
  • Timing
  • Expect the unexpected

Lights, Camera...

  • Venue layout and equipment check
  • Clothing and appearance
  • More nerves control and last-minute details


  • Body language, voice control and being yourself
  • Dealing with questions
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Keeping to time

Group presentations - "Once upon a time..."

  • Delegates will work in small groups
  • Within set assignments, different aspects of effective presenting are thoroughly explored, with wide ranging objectives from leadership and motivation through to sales and manipulation
  • The session is full of surprises and is specifically designed to reinforce all of the areas covered throughout the day
  • The trainers will be on hand at all times to offer support, advice and useful pointers!

For cost-effectiveness, we can come to you!

For in-house training this course is currently charged at £890 + VAT. Up to 10 delegates may attend the session, making this a cost effective way of training your staff. All costs are based on carrying out training at your premises - we ask you to provide the training room and flip chart. Depending upon location and timings, a contribution towards travel and accommodation may be requested, but these will be agreed with you before your order is confirmed.

Public Events

This workshop is run regularly at a venue within easy reach of the M1 junction 24 and East Midlands airport. The cost is £245 (+VAT) per delegate, inclusive of refreshments and lunches.

For offsite training, please contact us for details of forthcoming events.