Team work - The Key to England Success

  • "England’s success in Australia has been long overdue, but….the team has managed to retain the Ashes.

    Team is the operative word...... England's man-for-man advantage over their opponents is relatively marginal. But they believe in each other... in the way that the Australians cannot currently match." (Nick Powell, Sports Editor, Extract from Sky News Online, 29th December 2010)

    We been familiar of the concept of Teams in sport since the year dot, and the term has increasingly spread into what you might call “management speak” in the last 2 or 3 decades. This is no accident. There are many parallels between success in sport and success at work, and as our working environment becomes ever more complex and demanding, teamworking becomes a necessity. Visit our "Teams Work" page for details of how our interactive event can help you to get the best from your team.


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