Shock As 200 Drug Needles Found in Park Clear-Up. 4th July 2017.

  • MORE than 200 discarded needles were cleared from Faringdon Road Park in one day, raising alarm over the drug activity taking place there.
    The concern comes shortly before Swindon’s oldest summer event, The Children’s Fete, is due to be held at the park this Saturday.
    Paul White, who owns the second-hand furniture shop opposite the park’s toilets, has relayed several horror stories of the drug abuse and anti-social behaviour he has witnessed.
    He said: “I saw one person injecting themselves in the stomach out in the open, groups of people going into the toilets and doing who knows what, it beggars belief.
    “This is not a nice place to be at the moment. I really feel for the residents here, it’s criminal.
    “The police have stamped out a lot of activity but the council aren’t addressing the problem and I just wish they would do something about it.”
    Mr White, from Moredon, added: “Children are using the park, people are walking their dogs and there’s a fete this weekend. Would you want your children going in there?”
    The fete is being organised by the Mechanics’ Institution Trust and thousands are expected to attend.

    Daniel Rose, the trust’s director, said: “This is not something we’ve had a problem with in the past but we have requested that the council send a StreetSmart team to look at the area to see if there is any drug-related debris that they can deal with before the fete. 

    “The police are, as always, informed that the event is going ahead and we have our own qualified security personnel to ensure that it is as safe as possible.
    “We want people to have a really fun day out in a safe environment, so if anyone has any concerns, contact us and we will pass them on to the relevant authorities.” 
    Meanwhile, a woman who lives near the park and wanted to remain anonymous was appalled to discover several needles scattered between two flowerbeds while walking her dog there last week.
    A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “We were made aware of this issue and cleared 71 sharps boxes and over 200 needles from the park on Wednesday.
    “We respond to needle enquiries within four hours but in most cases are there within the hour.
    “The council has commenced daily inspections of the park and will be taking steps to secure the building as soon as possible. We are working alongside Wiltshire Police to resolve this issue in the longer term.”
    A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “Wiltshire Police is aware of this problem and is working alongside Swindon Borough Council to try and solve it.
    “We would also ask that if anyone sees any illegal drug taking in this area to contact us immediately."


    This article is taken from the Swindon Advertiser website.


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