Reduction in the number of dirty needles reported in Dundee, Scotland

Our thoughts...

This article very much shows how with education, drug users can learn new habits for the disposal of their needles. However, this process does take time and investment to implement.

  • The local newspaper for Dundee and surrounding areas, The Courier, printed an article recently pointing out the positive effects of the work carried out by their drug-related litter group to deal with the issues surrounding inappropriate disposal of drug waste around the city.

    The article mentions the worst affected areas, noting that the Lochee area collected only 35 discarded needles/sharps in 2018/19, down almost 700 from the year before!

    In total, the drop was almost two thirds over the city as a whole. This can only be good news, not only for those working in the industries responsible for the disposal of used sharps, but also for the population of the city as a whole. Less discarded needles means less risk of contamination.